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separujemy 99%opiłków ferromagnetycznych
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wysoka skuteczność separacji magnetycznej
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elektromagnesy dużej mocy
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precyzyjne chwytaki magnetyczne
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You are invited to get acquainted with the basic information concerning ZAM-SERVIS s.r.o., which has us as the only representative in Poland since 2003.

We are pleased to introduce to you ZAM-SERVIS s.r.o. company from Ostrava in Czech Republic, which operates on the Polish market in the branch of industrial automation through MATYKIEWICZ.COM company. MATYKIEWICZ.COM company is our only representative in Poland.

Our concerted goal is to make modern solutions accessible to Polish clients; moreover, we want to secure the proper level of trade service and technical service for them.

ZAM-SERVIS s.r.o. is Czech private company which was established in 1994. Currently, we employ 32 people and accomplish aprox. 2 mln EUR of annual turnover. The city of Ostrava, where our premises are situated, is the centre of the region of Northern Moravia in Czech Republic. Our activity meets the expectations of big industrial plants as mines, steelworks and engineering industry plants. Furthermore, our offer concerns products and services for companies of cement, energetic, stone and ceramic branches in Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia. Apart from industrial devices, we also provide access control and communication systems for buildings and lifts.

We are convinced of your using modern technologies and solutions at the competitive costs thanks to cooperating with us.

Ostrawa, 1st January 2005."

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